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Locked up and alone, your escape depends on a breadcrumb of video tapes, but there's something that's just not right about all this...


This house is familiar, yet different. It's like home, but not. Sometimes it feels safe, sometimes it doesn't. What are those noises? That atmosphere? What is anything...anymore?


I have made a tremendous amount of changes and updates to this project within the last week making it significantly different to early versions. I have watched every YouTube video and read every review I can find, I've then taken every little bit of feedback on board and made swift changes to the project to give the best possible experience I can. If you've already played it before then please give it another go as it's a vastly different and much scarier version. 


All the expected controls of a first person game and options to change the controls if you wish although it's important to note that C is crouch. 


If you have any feedback at all, however small, please write a comment and let me know as I want this game to be the best it possibly can and I read and listen to every bit of feedback I get. Thank you and enjoy the game! :) 


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A game with the spooks, but yet, interestingly deep. The story was a nice touch. There was just enough information given that I didn't feel like I was wandering around aimlessly. I really enjoyed the feel of the game, the soundscape was a big compliment! Keep on CREATING!

Great work!

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I gave it a playthrough and I thought it was awesome! It kept me confused the whole time and then the end was perfect.


This game took a turn i did not expect , it is both horrifying, thought provoking and relateable as you listen to the characters dialogues.

The atmosphere is spine chilling and at one point i got caught out by accidentally moving when the "thing" was near and it honestly gave me quite a scare.

This game is really well put together and a really thrilling experience, it will definately leave an impression on you.

 The art style is good and really immerses you and the gameplay is enjoyable, overall a really good solid experience.

glock no work

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really good game but over all a bit scary please support the channel

Thanks! :) 


Very nice game, Im Stuck ahhahahahha, love the jump scare

Thanks! :) 

They forgot all their fears and all their miseries in an instant.


Nice updates to the game. The only issues I had were 1) figuring out how to trigger the bathroom door to open to get the tape out of the sink (I had to wander around for a couple of minutes before it would open), and 2) the game crashed at the very end of the game. Other than that, the game was pretty intense and I really liked the changing atmosphere in the house along with the music. Great job Luke!

Thanks for the feedback, yeah, game seems to crash for a quite a few people at the end, so gonna patch that real soon. Glad you liked the changes - there’s lots more to come. Thanks for playing! :)


This game was super cool! I literally screamed! I NEVER SCREAM! EVER But this game did it! 

Thanks for playing! :) 


Sure thing!


Home. You're in search of something. Innocent memories become nightmares. Thoughts turn into terror. You hear it right next to you - but is it real? Can you escape the illusions in this indie horror game?


Thanks for playing! :) 


The game definitely got me good, it made me feel very uneasy the entire time I played it all leading up to the big scare. I did notice a few bugs that happened to me like getting stuck in at the entrance to the vent, and also getting partially stuck in the dresser drawer at the beginning. Having said that I really did enjoy the game and although I didn't get to finish it, I hope to see more in the future this is a very good horror game and I would recommend anyone to play it! 

Thank you for the feedback, it helps a lot! I’ll look into the bugs you’ve mentioned and patch them out. The video was great! Thanks for playing! :) 


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid (the game is the 3d there):


1. The house is very detailed and nice to look at. I enjoyed the visuals a lot.

2. I didn't expect what the concept would actually be and I loved it! It was strange and tricked my brain several times. I think that is amazing and could become a bigger project!

3. I liked the idea with the tapes, wish it would be used more and implemented some spoops) Still, cool.


1. It confuses that it is not enough to crouch to go in the vents. Because that makes the crouch button literally useless.

2. The layout of the house supposed to be strange but I didn't like that it had so many floors and a strange security code. Why did you have it if you did everything to be able to get out. That doesn't make sense but I think if this would be developed in a bigger thing than it would make more sense.

3. There are a couple of bugs: I could take the cover off the vents straight through the bookshelf in the 1st room. Also, I got stuck in the bathroom one time (you can see that in the video).


Enjoyed that a lot! I wish to see something bigger coming out of this project. I think it has lots of potential. Still, the ending is lacking and the game could use a bit more polish. Keep up the great job! Can't wait for your next projects.

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thanks for playing! I’ve sorted out points 1 and 3 of the disadvantages in the update, I’m glad your experience overall was positive. Thanks for taking the time to write feedback, it helps a lot! :) 


Cool game, really enjoyed it!  

Thanks for playing! :) 


Here is my gameplay of the game. At the end of the video I give my feedback about the game.

Overall a very good game with high potential. I like the room changing and the vhs tapes.

I don't get why there is sound from the tape when the tv is not turned on. Maybe enable sound only if the tv is on.

There is bug in the last room, I was sadly not able to progress.

It would be nice to have sound volume sliders for voice and sfx. The music is a bit too loud.

I brought the volume up on those tapes quite a bit already but yeah, an option to control the music makes sense. Glad your experience overall was good. Thanks for playing! :) 


Hey the jumpscare got me good! I was bit curious why two different crouch buttons? I tried my best to hear the audio on the VHS tapes, the first one was easy enough to understand but the other two I was lost. Maybe captions or some sort of visual aid would help a lot. I had fun playing the game. I liked the warping coffee mug that was unique.

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Thanks for playing! I think I might update and just change to one crouch button to make things easier and add subtitles at some point as well. Can I ask, did you download this a while back? As it seems as if you’re playing an older version. 

I think I downloaded it about 4 days ago?

second time downloading this game, each time, couldnt get into the vent )-: crouched and i just kept walking into the wall.

What button did you push to crouch? 

left shift!


Ok, the game currently has two crouch positions, something I will probably patch out in the future, for now though if you press the C key you'll be able to crawl and get in to the vent. :) 

Freezes when finishing the game(white screen)

I have to quit the game forcely

Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into this. 


This was very good! The pacing was very good, and I liked the switching up of the rooms. Very nicely done! 


Thanks for playing! :) 

I can't insert the video tape

Thanks for letting me know. Which video tape and video tape player was this? as some tapes can't be used after a certain point on purpose. 

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I got tape from bathroom and I got stuck in this room

and on second floor you can drag the 2 book on bookshelf but what does it do exactly?

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The tape can only be used in the first VCR, that’s on purpose. Shall I give you a hint on how to escape the room or just tell you? Also, some items are red herrings. 

I escaped, how can you watch the video tape that is in the bathroom?

When you first get the tape, head over to the bedroom you start in and play it in the VCR that’s in the same room.  


I closed the game down for a minute after dying so I could pass on some thoughts: For me, at least, the sound isn't very well-calibrated, which is definitely my largest criticism. Certain sound effects are strangely loud while important sound cues forced me to turn up my headphones quite a bit to hear them. The VHS tapes in particular were a problem, especially the first one found downstairs--the piano background music completely drowned out what the lady was saying, so I was missing crucial information on how to...well, not die. Which is why I'm here, looking through the comments for a clue on what to do when I hear Spooky Breathing.

However, I think I know what I did wrong, and I'm about to go back in, because in spite of the sound difficulties (as well as some pathing issues, but other people have already mentioned those) I'm really enjoying this. The shifting environment is just lovely, disorienting in all the right ways; several times I caught myself looking at some detail and thinking, "Is that new? Or did I just not notice it before?" You have a real knack for knowing when to change things a lot and when to change them juuuust a little, giving these excellent touches of subtlety to environment as well. The upstairs bathroom is another place where subtlety really shines here--when you see a trail of blood in a horror game, you're inclined to leap right to the most nightmarish imagery you can devise, but when the door opens, it's just...a brain. Sitting alone on the floor, looking very small and sad, almost mundane. This tiny stark reminder of the whole premise of the game: the house may seem like an antagonist, opposing your every move, but it's not. In the end it's just you in the center of a collapsing mind.


Thank you so much for your feedback! It was an interesting, descriptive and constructive read. Yeah, I agree, the sound is far too low at that point in the game and will be fixed in the next update, which I’m planning on uploading this evening. I’m glad you liked the rest of the game and hope you stick around for the the next version as I’ve added a whole bunch of stuff that delves a lot further into the story and provides the player with a lot more information about what’s going on. :) 

you said that your game is also for macOS but i downloaded the it and the only file I found is an .exe file. As I know .exe files cannot be opened on macOS

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Sorry, that was a mistake, the game is only for windows for the time being. I’ve corrected it now. 


I appreciate your answer. I hope to have the chance to play one of your games in the future. Have a nice day

In version 1.1, sometimes you get stuck in the vent can't move

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Thanks for letting me know, looks like this was near the start of the vent? Will patch this up. 


hey, adore this concept and atmosphere is perfect, but had a few problems getting caught on corners or in doors and not being able to move at all after which i'd click save and restart. on the main menu however 'continue' was grayed out, so i had to restart. i had to do this three times. just a heads up so you can patch this up because its great :)


Thank you for the feedback and kind words! Sorry to hear you had problems, yeah, a few areas certainly need adjusting, planning on ironing out as many of these as I can in the next update. Thanks for playing! :) 


Nice game. I had a good time playing this one. Thanks for the fun!

Thank you! :) 


Just reporting on stuff I found:

1) I can pick up the grate from beyond the bookshelf at the beginning.

2) You basically copied the Resident Evil 7,2,3 inventory, but I have nothing against it.

3) I couldn't recharge my flashlight when not equipped, by combining the battery and the flashlight, also it's basically useless (see the next point)

4) The lights are all messed up, I mean there are lights where there aren't supposed to be lights and they're also too intense like wtf, why I need my flashlight at this point?

5) The audio is all muffled when playing cassettes, so I had a hard time understanding things

6) That cup on the desk... why the hell it bends when I observe it?

7) Nice jumpscare dude, but they don't work on me anymore lol

Thanks for the feedback, really helps! I’m working on an update at the moment that will fix the problems you’ve raised in points 1, 3 and 5. Cup is meant to be like that, dementia can warp perception of objects but I should probably explain that better in the game. Thanks for playing! :) 


This game was crafted really well, besides the issue with the flashlight. The major as well as subtle changes of the house, make it feel like it's a living entity, driven to make the player go a little insane. I would recommend this to anyone that's into light puzzles and is looking for that classic scare. Great job, dev! Can't wait to see more. 


Thanks for playing! I enjoyed your video. Yeah, defo something strange going on with the flashlight, will patch it up in the next update! :) 


While the game had a nice creepy vibe to it, I feel like there can be improvements to some parts of the game. Namely flashlight duration/recharge and how the monster gets introduced.

With the monster, we only get one video saying it's here before it starts attacking. Maybe you can have it on multiple videos about how the player has seen these monsters/document it before truly introducing the monster.

As for the flashlight, I would suggest either extending the battery life of the initial battery or give us multiple batteries to replace. (That and I think batteries are bugged.)

Beyond that, game has a nice atmosphere to it and I wanna see it improved.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Yeah, flashlight seems to be a common issue so will patch that up, will add a trigger that makes entering the vent more seamless as well. Thanks so much for taking the time to play, feedback is much appreciated, enjoyed your video! 


Did we somehow bug the grate?

im having the same issue im gonna try restarting it 

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Thanks for playing! Press C to crouch :) 




Good game, here is my gameplay, I hope that there will be a sequel

Thank you so much for playing! :) 


This was an interesting game, i liked what you did here with the stuff moving around and forgetting certain things i hope you add more to this, heres my gameplay hope you enjoy:

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Hey, ShaunOfTheDread, thanks so much for playing! Really enjoyed your commentary, very funny and entertaining. Highlighted a couple of glitches to patch as well so thank you. :) 


yea the bed bug was kinda my fault haha again thanks for this game really got me thinkin with this one!


Hi there, I am a youtuber and I hope to get some support from you guys by leaving a like and subscribe at my channel.

This is an interesting game and I think I did not manage to get the true ending but anyway, I like the concept of the game but it would be better if the flashlight was brighter or the battery worked in the game beacause for me I don't think it worked. Moreover, I would like to see more interactions with the surroundings and maybe going through of the events that happened would be better than just going in and out of rooms to look for VHS Tapes and keys.

Thank you for reading my comment. Great game overall so good luck in your future  endeavours.

Hi, thanks for playing and giving feedback. Glad you enjoyed the game! :)